Patrona recognized for outstanding contributions to the Columbia Class Submarine Program

Captain Jonathan Rucker (USN), Program Manager, COLUMBIA Class, recently recognized Mr. Scott Williams, Patrona’s Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Shaun Garvin, and Mr. Raymond LaFontaine for outstanding performance and contributions to the COLUMBIA Class Product Support Review (PSR) process. The purpose of the PSR process is to engage with the Trident Refit Facilities (TRF) to identify gaps in core capabilities, training, equipment, tooling, logistics products and material necessary to support the maintenance and sustainment of COLUMBIA Class submarines, and identify the actions required to close the capability gaps and mitigate risks to COLUMBIA Class operational availability. Patrona brought expert knowledge in submarine maintenance planning and execution, submarine operations, and the capabilities of the TRFs to the PSR Working Group which included personnel from PMS 397, Electric Boat, SUBMEPP, NAVSEALOGCEN, TRF KB and TRF Bangor, and other contractors.  Captain Rucker recognized the Patrona team for their contributions to the PSR Working Group as the COLUMBIA Program progresses toward the goal – “Ready for Maintenance in 2028”.  The citation reads, in part, “Your hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence reflect great credit upon yourself, Patrona Corporation, the COLUMBIA Program Office, Program Executive Officer COLUMBIA, Naval Sea Systems Command, and the United States Navy.”