Establishment of Information Technology and Cyber Security Department

Patrona Team,

As the company has grown in size and complexity we have found it necessary to undertake some changes to the organizational structure and realign some personnel and responsibilities.  We discussed Patrona’s Mission, Vision, and our Pillars for Success at “All Hands” meetings throughout 2020, one of the Pillars is “Align the Organization for Efficiency”.  As most of you know, Shaun Garvin and Cruz Gonzalez provide each of us, and the Company as a whole, with Information Technology and Cyber Security support.  Consistent with “Aligning the Organization for Efficiency” and to correctly align, support and acknowledge this incredibly important aspect of our industry we are implementing the following changes immediately:

  • Formal establishment of an Information Technology and Cyber Security Department
  • Assignment of Shaun Garvin as the Manager of the Information and Cyber Security Department reporting directly to the President of the Company
  • Assignment of Cruz Gonzalez as the Cyber Security Representative reporting directly to Shaun Garvin
  • Assignment of Alexis Batson as the SharePoint Administrator reporting to Shaun Garvin and teamed with Cruz Gonzalez
    • Alexis will continue to directly support 07Q as the 07Q SharePoint Administrator

The Information Technology and Cyber Security Department will continue to fully support all of our employees and subcontractors and all previous contact information and IT related policies remain in effect. 

Steve Schulze | President

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